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Pre-Owned Rolex Operating Instructions


Instructions For Setting The Date And Time On Your Rolex Perpetual Chronometer

Step I

This shows the normal position of the crown.

Check that the crown and case are free of any dirt or grease before unscrewing the crown, as this could enter the watch during the date and time changing sequence.

Step II

While the watch is not on your wrist, unscrew the crown until you feel it come off the screw thread. You usually hear a slight ‘pop’ as the crown comes off the screw thread.

At this position you can manually wind your watch.

Manually winding the watch crown back and forth approximately forty times will give the mechanism enough power to run for at least 24 hours.

Step III

Pulling out the crown to the first position of two enables the date to be changed.

Depending on the model of watch you normally wind the crown towards you (anticlockwise) to change the date.

Set the date to the day before today. This will enable you to manually wind the hands forward (shown in step 4) so that the date is correct.

Step IV

Pulling out the crown to the second position of two allows you to change the minute and hour hand until you reach the correct time.
The crown is now a considerable distance from the case.

You should always take care when winding or changing the time or date not forcing the stem at any time.

Step V

Once the time and date have been changed, slowly push the crown back to the start position and gently offer the crown onto the screw thread of the case (clockwise).

Screw and push the crown at the same time to enable the crown to return to the normal position and ensure the water resistance.

Forcing the crown at this stage could damage your watch causing it to ‘cross thread’, so take your time.

Your Automatic Rolex

We have compiled this leaflet to assist you with the operation of your automatic watch.

We hope you find this leaflet useful, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our branches for more help or advice.

Automatic watches require the owner to wear the watch for at least six continuous hours a day, as the watch mechanism gains power from the movement of your wrist. The oscillating weight inside your watch spins around within the case and winds the mainspring.
Manually winding the watch crown back and forth forty times as shown on the pages inside, this guide will give the watch the manual wind it needs to start running if you have not worn your watch for sometime.

It is commonly thought that merely shaking the watch from side to side is sufficient to start the watch running. It will start the watch, but it will not run for long.

If you are only going to wear your Rolex watch occasionally, we suggest you purchase a watch winder box to keep your watch running, when not being worn.